What is Aura?

Your Aura can be thought of as your experience points. Aura is increased whenever you play A Druid's Duel online and is measured as Aura Points (Ap)

Generating Aura

You earn Aura by taking these actions in the game:

  1. Creating Land: 1Ap per space
  2. Capturing an opponent Druid: 1Ap
  3. Capturing opponent-owned land: 1Ap per space
  4. Spending 10 Mana: 1Ap

Every 10 Aura Points accumulated also generates 1 Trisk in online play.

What's the Average Aura Generated?

In an average game you will generate about 35 Aura. At that rate, you'll gain a Rank every 15 games you play.


As you increase your Aura, you climb the ranks in the Realm. Your Rank is displayed wherever your Username is, both online and in the game. When playing a Ranked game, the server pits you against similarly Ranked players. Other statistics help flesh out your Challenge Rating, which indicates overall match to another player.

Rank Aura Required
Wolf 0
Eagle 550
Bear 1550
Turtle 2600

Waxing and Waning Ranks

In addition to your Ranking level, you are also noted as either Waxing or Waning within your Rank. This is based on the rate at which you are playing games and increasing Aura.

A Waxing Rank indicates you are generating less than 35 Aura over the last 10 days.

A Waning Rank indicates you are generating more than 35 Aura over the last 10 days.