A Druid's Duel offers a fun and strategic challenge for up to four players, either against the Computer AI or other people locally or online.


The objective of the game is to be the only player who owns any land. Land spaces are marked with ownership triangles of your color, and for each piece of land you own, you generate Mana at the beginning of your turn.

You use your Mana to do two important things:

  1. Summon new Druids to the board on any land you already own.
  2. Temporarily Transform your Druids into powerful animals.

How to Play Video

This video gives a thorough overview of the four Druid unit types, their actions and abilities, as well as the general game interface. It was made using a pre-release version of the game from November, 2014. Your game screen may be slightlly different, but the game will play the same.

Key Things to Remember

  1. Mana does not carry over to your next turn. “Use it or lose it.” There is no reason not so spend it all every single turn.
  2. Transforming into your Animal forms is crucial for controlling the board and winning the game.
  3. Land types generate Mana at different rates. Use the Mana Strength box to figure out which land is more valuable and concentrate on holding it.
  4. Fairies increase in Mana value each time the turn changes. White and blue are worth 3 Mana, Red is worth 9 Mana instantly!